• mindfulness for the whole family

    Inspiring new minds to open and illuminate. Rooted in spirituality,
    we open the doors to deep conversations between parents and children.
    Our line of upcoming books and musical meditations support conscious minds and imaginations.

weclome to star seekers

Star Seekers offers many avenues to learn and develop a healthy meditation and mindfulness practice by having fun with our friends the Star Sprites and Crystal Creatures. Encourage your children to explore and deepen their consciousness. Evolve with them as they ponder life's mysteries! Our books and meditations are designed to enhance your intuition and connection to the natural world.

explore our offerings

Spiritual Story Workbook

Go on an adenture to save the Land of Prisims with Sage and the seven Star Sprites. Unlock your inner wisdom and intuition while connecting to nature and boosting your creativity by exploring Art, Music, Food, Meditation and Yoga.

Musical Meditations

Follow along with the Star Sprites in our storybook with seven musical meditations to balance and harmonize the chakras. Meditations for kids, made by kids!

Exploring the Soul in a fun, colorful way.


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